First of all you need to be a member so apply if you aren't already a member.
Go to your class page on the wiki http://spanishingrosvenorclasspages.wikispaces.com
Click Edit and click on the page where you want to embed your work
If it is a picture, click on the green and orange box on the toolbar then click on Upload files and browse for your picture. Double click on the file once it has uploaded then select Save on the toolbar.
If you have an embed code, then click on the blue TV from the toolbar then select Other HTML from the left hand list. Paste your embed code in the box then click Save. Remember to also select Save from the toolbar.

EDU GLOGSTER http://edu.glogster.com/
Log in using our school username and password - see Edmodo for details
Click on Create new glog
Select a template
Double click on boxes etc to edit and change them
Save the glog as your first name and class
Once you have saved it, it offers the option to embed it. Grab the embed code

IMAGE CHEF http://www.imagechef.com/
Click on Create and select Word Mosaic
Select the colour for the text and background and select the font
Choose your symbol shape
Type or copy and paste your text
Click preview
Select Export on the Save & Share options
Scroll down and either right click and save as.. or grab the embed code and post it for me on Edmodo

WORDLE http://www.wordle.net/
Click on Create
Paste or type your text in the box
Hit 'go'
Use the buttons to change the style to your preference
Take a screenshot or select Save in public gallery
Save it as ggs + a topic name
Grab the embed code and post it to me on Edmodo

DOMOANIMATE http://domo.goanimate.com/
Click on Create
Go to Domo Animation Studio and click on the Create cloud
Select the characters from the drop-down menu and then use the tabs to select background etc
Selecting the character should give you options re actions, movement and facial expression
Add scenes by selecting the + sign under the cartoon
Add music for one scene or all according to what you want
When you have finished, click on Save and ensure you select Public for sharing
Grab the embed code at the end and post it to me on Edmodo

TOONDOO http://www.toondoo.com/
Go to Toons and select Create Toon
Select your layout
Use the tabs to add characters, backgrounds, text bubbles etc as well as the editing tools across the bottom
Click on Untitled and change it to your own title
Once you are happy, go to the Toondoo tab on the left and select Save as.. ensuring that you have selected Open to the World but unselect allowing others to redo and to buy
You can select the toon from your My Toondoos page and it will give you the embed option <>

VOKI http://voki.com/
Select Create a new Voki
Customise your character using the tabsand select the background
Give it a voice using Text to Speech (make sure you choose a Spanish speaker) or Record using a microphone - DO NOT use the phone option as it is an American website
Select Publish and give it a title
Grab the embed code using the Add it to your site option

POPPLET http://popplet.com/
Select Make new popplet
Name it, choose your colour and select 'Make it so'
Double-click anywhere on the page to create a popple and type your text in. To add an adjoining idea, click on one of the four dots on the sides of your existing popple
You can move the popples about
When you have finished, click Share and select the embed option <>