• Write the answers out over and over
  • Write each question and answer on a separate cue/index card
  • Write the questions on separate pieces of paper and see if you can answer them when you draw them out randomly
  • Use http://memorizenow.com/to test yourself once you think you have learnt the answers
  • Use http://www.cueprompter.com/to practise reading through your answers at increasing speed, or to record your answers
  • Use Audacity, your phone or a digital voice recorder (available from Mrs Salt) to record your answers then listen to them again and again
  • If you have an iPhone, get the Songify app to put your words to music which will help you learn them
  • Textivate www.textivate.com is brilliant. Upload your text then select textivate now. Print and cut out the tiles to practise. choose the option to take out consonants or vowels, or eve to leave oly the first letter of each word.